Ben Hill LBC 131115 - reduced

400 square feet of wood ceiling planks will be donated to the Lifecycle Building Center from the recently completed Ben Hill Park Recreation Center. Pimsler Hoss Architects has saved materials from the landfill on past projects by connecting clients to re-use them into new projects, or by donating to LBC or Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. We’ve found homes for doors, light fixtures, and HVAC equipment. In addition to our efforts to incorporate sustainable practices into our projects, we have an in-office recycling program for paper and plastics. We’ve been known to donate our cardboard paper tubes to the Zoo Atlanta gorillas to play with!  We also print our drawings on recycled paper and use office products with 100% post-consumer recycled content.  Batteries, ink jet cartridges, and old computers are delivered to electronic recycling events around town. Let us know if you have creative ideas to find homes for old product samples, such as carpet squares and tiles!